Start Here to Enroll

We are enrolling students on a first come/first serve basis who are going into Kindergarten through 6th grade for the 2019/2020 school year.

Enrolling is easy! 

Via our short and convenient online process, Apex will officially enroll your child(ren) at Apex Community School.  This process is not just offering a "reservation" for a spot, nor an "intent to enroll" nor simply a spot on a waiting list.  

First Come / First Serve: Enrollment is on a first come/first serve basis for students.

Step one: To start, just click on the "Enroll at Apex" anywhere within our website.  Submit your contact information and answer a few questions about the student you are enrolling.

Step two:  You will then be sent via DocuSign a Douglas County School District Enrollment Form for 2019/2020.  You MUST compete one Enrollment Form for EACH individual child you would like to enroll  Once you have completed and signed the DCSD Enrollment Form, you will be asked to sisgn the document via Docusign.  At that point - relax!  The enrollment is complete.

Step three: The last step is to submit your child's documents to Apex during DCSD's enrollment period.  Apex will be collecting required enrollment documents during specified dates in December. 

For all you brand new Kindergarten parents, rest assured ... Kindergarten Registration can be completed throuugh this online process too.   

*Spots are reserved unless more enrollment applications are received than available seats in a given grade level. Should this occur, per federal law, a lottery will be held. In the unlikely event that a lottery is required and your child’s assigned number is not randomly selected, you will be refunded your deposit within 5-10 business days following the lottery."

*The only child(ren) that will not need to participate in a lottery, are those children whose families meet the criteria for Founding Family status.*

Lottery Procedure: If there is a surplus of potential enrollees, an enrollment lottery, per federal law,  will be held.  All families who have been enrolled with Apex (except those who have Founding Family status) will be assigned a computer-generated, randomized number, one number per family.  This number will be assigned for the upcoming academic year only.  Enrollment vacancies will be filled by grade, beginning with the highest grade for which there is one or more vacancies, and will continue in descending order (grade 7, grade 6, etc…)[1]  until all vacancies are filled. 

  • The lottery process will be conducted no later than noon (MST) on February 1st or the first school day following in the event the 1st falls on a weekend.  Invitations to enroll will first be extended to families assigned the lowest lottery number.
  • Students that verifiably have special needs, are English language learners and/or qualify for free and reduced lunches shall be given two lottery numbers rather than one until enrollment for each identified group reaches 10% of the total projected student enrollment for the year.  At such time, the lottery will return to a one-to-one ratio for this student population.
  • This lottery-generated wait list will be maintained until the next upcoming enrollment period beginning February 1st of the following year when a new lottery list is generated to fill vacancies for the current school year.
  • The lottery process will be overseen by at least two (2) members of the Board or appropriately designated entity to ensure integrity in the process.

   If you have any questions, please call (855) 582-1200 or email   

We are happy to support you during the enrollment process.