Apex Community School will offer an integrated before and after care program that models itself after the core values, mission and vision of the school. The program will be designed to meet the needs of families whose daily work schedule creates a consistent need for childcare.

The Apex Community School Board of Directors have approved the following estimated fee structure and general guidelines for our Before/After Care Program*:

Annual Registration Fee:

All students that participate in the program, regularly or on a drop-in basis, must be registered prior to the start of the school year. Annual Registration Fee is tentatively set at $50 for a single student or $75 for a family with two or more students.


The hours of the program are currently set at:

  • 6:30am-8:00am Before Care

  • 3:30-6:00pm After Care

Fees Per Day Per Student

  • Before Care (scheduled): $7.00

  • Before Care (drop-in): $10.00

  • After Care (scheduled): $13.00

  • After Care (drop-in): $15.00

Please contact us at 855.582.1200 or apexschoolco@gmail.com with any questions.

*Details of the registration process, calendar and minor adjustments to the parameters of the program will be conveyed through the Apex Community School newsletter and on this website.