The Apex educational program integrates the benefits of a Classical Education and Core Knowledge Curriculum. Our curriculum is based on a belief stated by the Core Knowledge Foundation that "children cannot be truly literate without knowing about history, science, art, music, literature, civics, geography, and more.  Indeed they cannot satisfactorily comprehend what they read and learn unless they possess the background knowledge that makes such comprehension possible.”

Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence

The Core Knowledge Sequence is content-rich and designed to provide systematic background knowledge to students in order to improve critical thinking and comprehension. It is systematic, structured and sequenced in order to provide the knowledge necessary to better comprehend and understand, thereby empowering students to approach and ultimately influence the culture around them.

Language Arts

Recently the Core Knowledge Foundation developed an integrated language arts program to accompany the Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence. The Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) program provides systematic instruction in reading, phonics, writing and literary analysis.  It has been adopted by New York State as a primary curriculum, after students who attended CKLA pilot schools scored significantly higher on the Woodcock Johnson and TerraNova tests than other students (and the gains continued to improve throughout the years of the pilot).


Apex will use the Jump Math approach for its time-tested and research based. Jump Math uses staggered and targeted instruction with deliberate practice to build both conceptual awareness and procedural fluency.

Science, History and Social Studies

Apex will utilize the Core Knowledge Sequence to bring Science, History and Social Studies concepts to its students. The Core Knowledge Sequence and Core Knowledge Language Arts Curriculum exceed state standards in these subjects.

Integrated Music, Art and Physical Education

All students will receive instruction in Music, Art and Physical Education. Art, Music and Physical Education will enrich and further expand on the learning topics and themes of each grade offered at Apex. Multiple mobile classroom labs will be purchased to support technology skills development, especially due to the nature of state online assessment.


Apex’s views technology as a tool, not an end in and of itself but rather “married with the humanities”.  Apex will provide adequate access to computers at appropriate times as the curriculum and/or assessments warrant or if it is required through a specific learning plan. Students will be introduced to appropriate technology and skills (including basic keyboarding) to better access and utilize their growing base core knowledge.