Our Commitment to Inclusive Education begins with a Commitment to Equity and Excellence

Our commitment to inclusive education spans our personnel, our choices for educational curricula and building desing. It is a guiding principle for every decision that is made regarding the school.  Our commitment to inclusive principles beings with a Founding Board of Directors with experience with inclusive education and then continues via the physical design of an accessible school, with flexible learning spaces, the selection of an evidence-based curriculum as benefitting traditional and diverse student populations, the training of staff on principles of universal design, as well as the strategic use of resources within the general education classroom.

Apex welcomes the challenge of creating a unique learning community that seeks to empower students who possess a wide range of abilities, academic and otherwise. 

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Our Commitment to Educational Excellence

Apex adopted evidence based curricula that enables all students to succeed in their learning, as well as continued education and adult lives regardless of race, sex, heritage, disability or socio- economic status. 

Supports for students will be delivered in the classroom and in smaller ability groups through the cooperation and planning of the staff using a multi-disciplinary approach. 


Our Commitment to Educational Equity

We believe that all students are capable and deserving of a free, high quality education.  Offering an equitable education includes serving a heterogeneous student body that represents the larger community in terms of race, ethnicity, native spoken language, ability and socio-economic level. 



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Each Student Learning Successfully   

The educational goal for each student at Apex is to create a challenging learning environment for each student.

This means creating an educational environment where each student receives the appropriate academic challenge as well as support to succeed as a learner.