The Board of Directors for Apex Community School is excited to share a new venture with Aspen View Academy! 

 Aspen View Academy will be expanding to two campuses, one of which will include the Apex Community School building at 3565 Celestial Avenue in Castle Rock. 

 Recognizing that there are many choices of schools in Douglas County and Castle Rock, we are pleased to be able to expand on the shared philosophies and other synergies between Apex Community School and Aspen View Academy:

 Aspen View Academy, like Apex Community School

  • Maintains a strong commitment to community of Castle Rock

  • Has local management comprised of parents and community members and is not part of an charter management organization or “chain” and

  • Maintains a collaborative relationship with the Douglas County School District Board of Education and staff

 Aspen View Academy, like Apex Community School offers the following curriculum

  • Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence

  • Phonemic-based approach to literacy

  • Mastery-based mathematics

  • Integrated character formation

  • Latin as a second language

  • Liberal arts, including Art, Music and Physical Education

  • Positive behavior support to empower all students

  • Flexible ability groups

  • Classical foundation and framework

 Benefits to Castle Rock families:

 Although not the direction that Apex envisioned moving, we see so many benefits for families, not just for Apex families, but for AVA families and for the community of Castle Rock families.  Some of these added benefits include:

1.    Increased PK-5th capacity in the Meadows, 

2.    A dedicated charter middle school option for Castle Rock families, 

3.    Demonstrated receptivity to cultivate current efforts to meet student need, especially where needs grow in complexity and breadth.

4.    Regardless of student ability, socioeconomics or social/emotional need, AVA will bring even more resources, cohesiveness and depth to services and supports provided to students. 

5.    Apex has offered its expertise and experience in this regard and AVA’s receptivity leaves us confident that they will build upon the already quality efforts in place to support students with Individual Educational Plans, 504s, Advanced Learning Plans and/or those needs associated with twice exceptional students or those learning the English language.

 Benefit for currently enrolled Apex families:

 Board directors of both Apex Community and Aspen View Academy have been in dialogue to offer a one-time priority enrollment option to families enrolled with Apex for the upcoming 2019/2020 school year.  Once District approval is received, we will communicate this to families:

 1.“Enrolled with Apex” is defined as having completed the official DCSD registration from through Apex via Docusign, and having submitted at least one required enrollment document. 

2. Criteria for enrollment is not met by those who completed an Intent to Enroll but then did not continue and sign the DCSD registration form to enroll with Apex. 

With this new venture, Apex can reassure enrolled Apex families that there is a place for your children in the next school year, and we are happy to be able to offer that place at Aspen View Academy, a school that shares so many of the same values of Apex. 

Decision Summary:

During initial conversations about a lease agreement with Aspen View, Apex came to realize the many similarities and synergies between the educational offerings of our two schools, including a commitment to educational excellence and to community.

In order to facilitate the best educational outcomes for both schools and to satisfy all of Apex’s contractual obligations with the DCSD and our facility funders, Apex was asked to withdraw its charter application.  After long consideration and given our historical difficulties with the District and our current building tenant, we agreed to do so.  Under the circumstances, we believe that the arrangement with Aspen View Academy is the best path forward for Apex families.

 Next Steps:

 Apex and AVA are still working on District approvals, which we anticipate occurring within the next few weeks. 

 Pending District approval, AVA will offer a one-time priority enrollment option to families registered with Apex for the upcoming 2019/2020 school year.  Registered is defined as having completed the official DCSD registration from through Apex via Docusign and having submitted at least one required enrollment document.

 We will be announcing/hosting Apex parent information meetings with AVA in the coming weeks to have your questions answered. 

 To further learn about Aspen View Academy and find a list of dates/times for their regularly scheduled information meetings, please go to

 Thank you for your support

 Finally, we want to express our deep gratitude to those families, local businesses, and organizations that have encouraged and supported Apex on this long journey.  Please know that this decision was not taken lightly.  We recognize many have given countless volunteer hours over the past two years - from the two people in November of 2014 who share an idea born on a napkin to the initial founding families and volunteers, to those who’ve served on our Board of Directors over the years, we remain grateful for your commitment, heart and desire to enhance the community of Castle Rock.


The Board of Directors of Apex Community School