Inclusive Education

Being different is both a fact of life and a goal for many human beings. 

Human differences present in terms of languages and cultures, different homes and family lives, ability and disability, as well as different interests and ways of learning.   Because of student diversity, many students require accommodations and adjustments to receive educational benefit.  Schools are often unprepared for these differences in learrning styles and seek to fit the proverbial "sqare peg" in a round hole.  This can leave students frustrated and losing academic ground versus advancing and being excited to learn.  Apex understands that students learn differently, offering studentls multiple ways to learn, as a matter of course, from within the general education setting.

Apex supports Inclusive Values:

  • ·All students are important and add value to the classroom experience.
  • ·All students, regardless of ability, achieve greater academic and socio-emotional benefits when learning along-side one another in the general education setting.

Our Blue Print for Success


Apex strategically adopted curricula that enables students of all abilities to succeed.  The selected Core Knowledge Sequence and Jump Math curricula are evidence based and shown to be successful across a diverse student population.     

Blocked Schedule

Apex strategically designed a school schedule to allow for blocked instruction time for lieracy and mathematics across grade levels. This provides students with easy access to instructional groups reflective of their ability, and are not limited to the ability grouping offered at their single grade level.   For example, a fourth grader working at an advanced level may be studying either fifth or sixth grade math. This schedule  allows a student to receive appropriate academic challenge in literacy and math regardless of their needs for acceleration or support.  The blocked schedule provide a structure that is highly conducive to meeting the breadth of student need and ability.

Universal Design

Apex uses the Universal Design approach to teaching as part of its regular and on-going professional development for teachers.  Universal Design for learning is a set of principles for curriculum development that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn.  Universal design for learning emphasizes creating and using instructional methods, materials, and assessments that work for everyone--not a single, one-size-fits-all solution-but rather flexible approaches that can be customized and adjusted for individual needs.

Personalized Learning

Apex understands that some students require personalized learning plans for a variety of reasons: health, giftedness, disability, as an English Language learner and a host of other situations.  

  • For students with advanced learning needs, a personalized learning plan will include how the student will be challenged academically in the determined area(s) of giftedness and instructional needs. 
  • For students with other support needs, a personalized learning plan will include how the student will receive the accommodations and modifications designed to allow them equal access to the general education curriculum.
  • For further information about perrsonalized learning plans for students, contact the Director of Student Services.

Individual Student Supports

Individual supports for students will be delivered in the classroom and in smaller ability groups through the cooperation and planning of the staff using a multi-disciplinary approach. 

Specially Designed Instruction and Support

For students who qualify, Apex will provide specially designed instruction and support.  For further information about personalized learning plans for students, contact the Director of Student Services.

Access to the General Education Classroom  

The general education classroom is an advantageous setting for most students.  The general education classroom has been shown to provide the best vehicle for exposure to curriculum and knowledge instruction for students.   At Apex, as much as is reasonably possible, students will receive “specially designed instruction and support” within the general education classroom.