Join the growing number of  parents/guardians who are enrolling their children in Apex Community School!

The Mission:

Apex Community School’s mission is to provide an innovative and inclusive learning community where each student’s capacity to learn is recognized and advanced through rigorous, engaging, and personalized instruction.  

The Vision:

The vision for Apex is to be an inclusive public school option facilitating cultural and comprehensive literacy in students via a uniformly implemented, systematic, differentiated, rigorous, content-rich, liberal arts curriculum empowering them to be responsible citizens who positively influence and lead with character.

Apex will ultimately serve students from Early Childhood (Pre-Kindergarten) to 8th grades, initially opening its doors in August of 2018 to students entering PreK-6th grades, and adding a grade level each subsequent year. When at full capacity, Apex anticipates a minimum of three classes per grade levels K-6th, two classes per grade levels 7th-8th (all grades averaging 25 students per classroom), and a Homeschool Enrichment Program.  Collectively, all the various aspects of the school will serve at least 761 students and their families by 2021.

Commitment to Equity and Excellence

Our commitment to excellence and equity begins with a Founding Board of Directors committed to inclusive principles and then continues via the physical design of an accessible school, with flexible learning spaces, the selection of an evidence-based curriculum as benefitting traditional and diverse student populations, the training of staff on principles of universal design, as well as the strategic use of resources within the general education classroom.

Apex welcomes the challenge of creating a unique learning community that seeks to empower students who possess a wide range of abilities, academic and otherwise. The school will leverage the content rich Core Knowledge curriculum, a phonemic based approach to literacy and Jump Mathematics. Students that attend Apex will acquire the necessary foundation for understanding, accessing, and ultimately influencing the culture in which they live. After high school, regardless of whether a student aspires to attend university or enter the workforce, they will be empowered to responsibly influence and contribute to their community, state, nation and world.