Sept 2018 - Apex Article | Teaching Students to Shine

Children are naturally curious, asking questions, pointing out things on the ground, stopping to smell the flowers and taking in everything around them as they learn and grow. However, in this day and age, it seems as though the classroom doesn’t capitalize on this natural curiosity, focusing instead on simplicity and assessments. The founders of Apex Community School, a K-8 public school coming to Castle Rock, want to change that. Read More - Denver Post YourHub…

Sept 2018 - Todd Slechta Named Apex Founding Principal

The Apex Founding Board officially named Todd Slechta as its Founding Principal. Todd has been involved with Apex since its inception as a board member, but he quickly emerged as a leader and mentor. Todd has a long background in education and has been instrumental in bringing Apex to fruition. Catch a glimpse of his heart and passion in this short video.

Aug 2018 - Apex Receives Certificate of Occupancy

After almost 15 months from the initial stages of design, Apex Community School was given its Certificate of Occupancy ensuring the school is ready to open to students and the community. From the way it complements the neighborhood to the position of the school on the property, every decision was made with two questions in mind: how is this beneficial to students, and how is this beneficial to our community?

January 2018 - Apex Signs Temporary 11-Month Lease with Ascent Classical

Apex assists another charter school by signing a temporary 11-month facility lease with Ascent Classical Academy. Ascent is leasing the Apex-owned facility for the 2018-2019 school year. Apex will move into this facility in July 2019 prior to the start of the 2019-2020 school year. Here is a brief public statement regarding the nature of the lease between Apex Community School and its tenant, Ascent Classical Academy.

December 2017 - Apex and Douglas County School District Agree on August 2019 Opening

Apex and the Douglas County Board of Education agree on an August 2019 opening date for Apex Community School. In addition, both parties confirm their agreement to work together in a potential shared-spaced scenario.

Oct 2017 - Apex Groundbreaking Ceremony

Joined by Douglas County Board of Education representatives, the Mayor of the Town of Castle Rock, local Community Business Partners, and most importantly, the children and founding families of Apex Community School, the first shovels of dirt were turned initiating the beginning of construction.

May 2017 - Apex Awarded $750,000 Startup Grant from Colorado Department of Education

After working for months of hard work attending workshops and submitting an extensive application for this competitive, federally-funded startup grant for new charter schools, Apex Community School was awarded $750,000. This three-year grant will help the school purchase items including desks, computers, curriculum and equipment.

Jan 2017 - Apex Facility Design Approved

After working with architectural firm Hord-Koplan-Macht, the final design for Apex Community School was approved by all relevant school, district, Town of Castle Rock and state agencies.

Dec 2016 - DCSD Approves Apex Land

In a bipartisan show of support for Apex Community School, the DCSD Board of Education voted to approve a 50-year lease on a 10-acre, zoned property located in the Meadows. Citing the DCSD’s Long Range Planning committee statement regarding the anticipated need of another elementary school in the Meadows, Apex Community School becomes part of a collaborative and cooperative effort with the DSCD to meet the growing need in the Meadows.

Dec 2016 - DCSD Approves Apex Contract

DCSD approved the Apex Community School contract with a bipartisan, unanimous vote.

Nov 2016 - DCSD Unanimously Approves Apex Charter Application

After receiving the unanimous recommendation by the DCSD’s Charter Application Review Team on all aspects of its charter application, Apex Community School was honored to receive the unanimous, bipartisan support and vote of the Board of Education to approve its application. Apex Community School was cited for being a “model of how charters schools and the district can work together to meet the common good.”

Apr 2016 - Apex Founding Team Submits Charter Application for New K-8 School in Castle Rock Meadows Community

After a 1.5 years researching and cultivating a core of families a group of Douglas Country and Castle Rock residents submitted an application to the Douglas County School District indicating their intent to open a new PK-8 charter school in the Meadows Community of Castle Rock.

Nov 2015 - Apex Founding Team Holds Community Focus Groups to Gather Feedback for New Public School

A group of Douglas County and Castle Rock residents began holding focus groups to gather feedback and help determine if there is desire and need for a new PK-8 charter school in the Castle Rock area. Three different focus groups were facilitated to gather feedback, insight and commitment to a Core Knowledge, community-focused and fully inclusive charter school. Along with these various groups of parents and community members, meetings to Douglas County School District staff were held as well to determine if such a school would be beneficial to the needs of the district as well.

Jan 2015 - Apex Founding Board Identified

Representing a growing core of families, the Leadership Team for Apex Community School is identified and named. With rare exception, this team includes residents of Douglas County and Castle Rock whose children attend, or have attended Douglas County Schools, both neighborhood and charter. The experience of this team is well-rounded and seasoned, including professional educators, local business leaders, specialists in student services (from gifted and talented to special needs to twice exceptional) and parents of students ranging in ages from kindergarten through 4th grade.

Nov 2014 - Apex Community School Planning Begins

It’s amazing what a few people can conceive when talking about their community, their children, education and the future. With an emerging vision, growing conviction and love for their community and school district, the broad strokes of what would become Apex Community School are sketched out on a napkin over a meal at a local restaurant.