Opening Aug 2019 in the Meadows Neighborhood!

Currently our school facility is being leased to Ascent Classical Academy as they determine their permanent location. Our lease agreement with Ascent ends June 30, 2019 and we will be moving our Apex team into the facility at that time. Many of our families are inquiring about being able to view our facility. Due to the current lease, however, Apex is unable to offer tours of the Apex. Apex will begin offering tours of the Apex building at the end of the lease agreement starting July 1, 2018.

Here is a brief public statement made during a DCSD Board of Education regarding the nature of this lease agreement.Apex Community School

In lieu of live tours, we would like to offer other methods for Apex families to learn more about the Apex facility:

  • Here is a link to a virtual tour of the Apex facility.

  • Here is a link to a schematic of the Apex facility.

    3565 Celestial Ave., Castle Rock, CO 80109, Douglas County School District