To provide an innovative and inclusive learning community where each student’s capacity to learn is recognized and advanced through rigorous, engaging, and personalized instruction.

Our Vision

A community school with an enriched learning environment where students embodying a range of academic abilities experience a true sense of belonging; are supported via systematic, rigorous and a content rich liberal arts curriculum to acquire the necessary foundation for understanding, providing access to and ultimately influencing the culture in which they live.

Our Story

Apex is intentionally focused on building relationships within our Castle Rock community to bring everyone together for work, for play, for ongoing education and the continuous support we can offer current and future generations. 

This local focus begins with a founding team comprised of Castle Rock residents and extends to a vision to become a community hub for the neighborhood. Apex works hard to collaborate with the many neighborhood organizations that enrich the community, and is planning a phase II build construction development that will allow public meeting space to support neighborhood efforts and a phase II development that will provide soccer fields and a gymnasium for the school and community sports teams. By connecting students and neighbors alike, Apex hopes to become an integral part of the diverse Castle Rock community.

The founders of Apex Community School have experienced first hand the richness that evolves, academically and socially, when people with diverse backgrounds are brought together, whether that diversity is in the form of age, race, gender, profession or any other classification, exposure to those differences teaches us acceptance, dignity, maturity and civil discourse. By sharing this richness with our students, they will share it with the community.

Like the small towns of old where the school is a gathering place for the community at large, Apex Community School strives to to be the heart of the Castle Rock community. By embracing one another the school and the community can come together as one and help raise the next generation of responsible citizens.

You can’t always tell what school a student attends by where they live or how they look, but you can spot character traits that make responsible citizens. That’s how you’ll recognize an Apex Community School student when you see them in and around our Castle Rock community next year.

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