Mr. Todd Slechta was born and raised on the southwest side of Chicago and became a “Coloradan” in 1991 when he moved to Colorado Springs. As an educator and former principal, he finds purpose in helping children reach their full potential. However, he doesn’t believe students are the only beneficiaries of a good school. He believes that entire communities can prosper when a school willingly positions itself as it’s heart.

After graduating from North Park University in Chicago Mr. Slechta served as the Executive Director/Instructor for a small college in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for ten years. In this capacity he oversaw operations, managed the budget, ensured compliance with all applicable standards, and led the startup of an extension campus in Ecuador, South America.  

Mr. Slechta continued his career in the U.S. with Vanguard Classical School, a K-8 public school in the Denver metro area. Here he managed a 64-member team consisting of administrative staff, teachers, paraprofessionals, specialists and office support personnel. He implemented professional development and curricula policies and procedures that successfully guided the school from the lowest tier of standardized academic achievement to a place as one of the highest in the district, a 13% proficiency increase over a three-year period.

He left education briefly to become the Director of Personnel for a statewide Colorado company providing in-home health services to individuals with special needs in rural and remote rural areas. Mr. Slechta also sat on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for the Home Care Association of Colorado, an association representing over 10,000 licensed health care professionals and care providers throughout the state. His focus for the association was working with local and state elected officials to inform health care legislation, policy and regulation.

The opening of Apex Community School marks Mr. Slechta’s return to education. It is his vision to cultivate the character, intellect and skill of every student, thereby enabling them to meaningfully engage and contribute to their communities, locally and globally.


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