Dear Apex Community,

I know that the announcement of the initiative that Apex Community School is undertaking with Aspen View Academy came as a surprise. To be candid, when the possibility of this initiative first emerged, it surprised the leadership of Apex as well. As our last newsletter indicated, we have faced a number of insurmountable challenges over the past two years; some we could control and many that we couldn’t.

Regardless, as the Principal I can attest to the single fact that the leadership of Apex has always adhered to two guiding principles in every decision they’ve made:

(1) what is best for the kids and families we serve and

(2) will what we do be in the best interest of the community?

Embodying those two principles with fidelity demands a high level of maturity and humility because the answers may lead in unexpected directions and ultimately may not even be in one’s self-interest. Though difficult, the Board of Directors and I are able to answer “yes” to those two guiding questions. We realized it will not be without its discomfort and dissonance, but on the other side exists a school option and educational experience that will benefit our families, students and communities in a more rich and meaningful way than either of the schools could have provided independently.

By way of introduction, Aspen View Academy is hosting several school tours this week for interested families, as well as an Information Session for Apex Community School families and friends on Monday, March 11, 2018. During tours, the Principal of the school, Bob Barber will be on hand to welcome you and give you a tour. Along with Bob, I will be present at the Information Session to answer any questions that I can from the perspective of Apex Community School.

On a personal note, I am humbled by the emails, text messages and voice mails I have received. They reminded me why I agreed to throw my heart and myself into pursuing Apex Community School. Whether or not I have a role in the future, I want you to know that I do believe this is the best way forward and encourage all our families to consider Aspen View Academy as the educational choice for your child(ren) for 2019/2020 and beyond.

We will continue to provide additional information as it unfolds, but in the coming weeks please be aware that we will increasingly begin shifting communication and contact directly to Aspen View Academy.

Though unexpected and unplanned, as Principal and, more importantly, as a resident of the Meadows who calls Castle Rock home, I believe the best is yet to come.

“Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me.” – American Poet, Carl Sandburg


Principal Todd Slechta

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