Lottery Procedure

If a lottery is necessary due to a surplus of potential enrollees, the lottery process will be conducted no later than noon (MST) on February 1st or the first school day following in the event the 1st falls on a weekend. 

Intent to Enroll Forms received by the school prior to the close of the Open Enrollment Period, including those received by families who have previously submitted an Intent to Enroll Form and not requested that their name be removed, and have not been extended an invitation to enroll, will be assigned a computer-generated, randomized number, one number per family.  This number will be assigned for the upcoming academic year only.  Enrollment vacancies will be filled by grade, beginning with the highest grade for which there is one or more vacancies, and will continue in descending order (grade 8, grade 7, etc…)[1]  until all vacancies are filled.  Invitations to enroll will first be extended to families assigned the lowest lottery number.  The lottery process will be overseen by at least two (2) members of the Board or appropriately designated entity to ensure integrity in the process.

This lottery-generated wait list will be maintained until the next upcoming enrollment period beginning February 1st of the following year when a new lottery list is generated to fill vacancies for the current school year.

The lottery will be skewed for those students that verifiably have special needs, are English language learners and/or qualify for free and reduced lunches.  These students shall be given two lottery numbers rather than one until enrollment for each identified group reaches 10% of the total projected student enrollment for the year.  At such time, the lottery will return to a one-to-one ratio.