Research clearly demonstrates that the academic environment, student effort, and learning and development are greatly influenced by students’ attire. The purpose, therefore, of the Student Uniform Policy at Apex Community School is to enhance learning, reduce distraction, lessen concerns and financial burden related to fashion choices, reduce disciplinary problems and instill a sense of school pride and belonging.

Additionally, gone are the morning struggles between parents and children about what is “appropriate” or “inappropriate” to wear!

Simple Guideline Regarding Uniform and Dress Policy, and Expectations

Uniforms for all K-8 Apex Community School students are mandatory. Uniform items should be clean, neat (i.e., shirts tucked in), fit properly (i.e., no sagging), and be in good repair. Uniforms may be purchased at various retailers or uniform vendors, provided items purchased are acceptable per the Uniform Policy.

In addition to following acceptable uniform options, students are expected to be appropriately dressed for the weather. Therefore, white undershirts or mock turtlenecks (in navy, white, or garnet) may be worn under uniform shirts for warmth.

If there is any question as to whether the apparel/adornment would be acceptable, it should NOT be worn to school. Each year, there are a few practices or items (i.e.., “fads”) that appear at school. When any “fad” gets started and potentially creates a distraction to the students’ learning environment, school administrators will take steps to remove the distraction.

Temporary exceptions to this Uniform/Dress policy may be made by the Principal and/or designee. Reasonable accommodations to the Uniform Policy may be made by the Principal and/or designee for students with particular needs

To learn more about the approved uniform options for grades K-6, please click on our uniform policy link.