I am thrilled to be your founding principal, and am excited to begin our inaugural school year in August 2019. I can almost hear the sounds of our school in action - children’s voices filling the halls, teachers instructing inside our classrooms and the joy and laughter that comes with it all.

Apex is a special place not only for educating our students but partnering with our community. It is a place of engagement that creates a passion for learning. Here we live and breathe our mission to provide an innovative and inclusive learning community where each student’s capacity to learn is recognized and advanced through rigorous, engaging and personalized instruction. We understand a child’s formative years are profoundly important to who they become, and we are committed to meeting students where they are and taking them to the higher levels we know they can achieve.

Much of the hard work to build our program has already been done. A beautiful school facility has been built, and a $750,000 startup grant from the Colorado Department of Education has been awarded to our founding team (to purchase desks, computers and curriculum).

I am honored to lead Apex Community School, and consider it a privilege to work together with families in Castle Rock to open the doors of an academically rich, inclusive and community-minded school! As a member of the Castle Rock community myself, I am committed to bringing passion and excellence to any and all endeavors I am involved in. Together, we will open the doors to an educational community in which each student’s intelligence and character are intentionally cultivated in a positive and affirming environment.

I look forward to connecting with all of you in the months ahead.

Warm regards,
Todd Slechta
Founding Principal
Apex Community School