We are Douglas County!

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We Are About Community!

You’ve heard the phrase: “It takes a village to raise a child.” We not only believe that, we have literally put our money and facility where our mouth is.

We designed the school with community in mind, even including the way we positioned it on our property!

You can see that the school compliments the Taft House and Pool's layout with parking and access to the school's phase I playground.  Additionally, the common area, though secure during school hours, can be opened for utilization by local organizations for events and meetings.  Phase II will include a gymnasium and two soccer fields! 

It is our vision that Apex Community School will be part of the "hub" of the community.  We envision it being utilized year round to the benefit of our home; to the benefit of our community.

When not being utilized by Apex Community School, our Board of Directors and core families envision local clubs and organizations utilizing the school's facilities and offering discounted fees/rates for students enrolled at Apex Community School.  We truly want to become a significant part of the rhythm and life of the community and our phase II construction plans will provide soccer fields and a gymnasium for sports teams. By connecting with students and neighbors alike, we hope to become an integral part of the Castle Rock community.

Our Board is Local

Our board of directors and core families are largely comprised of Douglas County residents whose children attended or are attending Douglas County schools, both neighborhood and charter.  This is our home and our volunteer efforts reflect that passion and commitment.  

Dollars Stay Here! Fiscally Responsible!

We are not a part of a national educational management organization, charter “chain" or consortium of school so no dollars will leave the district for management fees or naming rights.  This means more money stays here locally for our children.

Apex Community School was even built by a local, Douglas County construction company, Fransen-Pittman whose commitment to Colorado and community reflects our own!